A Cashless Society Means ZERO Cash

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No greenbacks for swap meets or garage sales.

No tooth fairy or piggy banks.

No rainy day savings.

No extra quarters for the meter.

No giving change to the homeless.

No giving dollars to street performers or musicians.

No more selling extra items for cash.

No buying anything with privacy.

A Digital Dollar means your life is dependent on the internet, electricity, and people you don’t know, like, or trust.

Every penny you spend — every penny you earn — could all be tracked.

Millions will ignore the warning signs, or say it’s not a big deal…

But those people may end up on the wrong side of history.

So what can you do, or what COULD you do?

For many Americans, they’re turning back to the only money that’s survived civilizations: Gold and Silver.

And Robert Kiyosaki said it best:

Gold and silver transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race. A person may not like someone else’s religion, but he’ll accept his gold.

So should YOU buy gold? The choice is yours.

But there’s an opportunity waiting if you do.

So to help you make that decision, you can get a FREE 2023 Gold Kit now.

This free guide shows you how to protect a portion of your savings from the sad effects of the inflation we’re seeing today.

Plus it’s 100% tax free…

100% penalty free…

And you don’t need to be a financial wizard to understand how it works.

Almost any citizen with $50,000 or more saved for retirement is entitled to take advantage of this powerful program.

Plus there’s a bonus silver package waiting, which could give you up to $10,000 in free silver (while supplies last), just for protecting your retirement savings.

You’ve seen the writing on the wall. Don’t miss your chance to protect your savings in these scary times in America.